Photography With Film 1

These are the highlights from the first ever roll of 35mm film that I ever loaded into a camera and took pictures with. I was very excited to see the results and was overall very pleased with the outcome. The film I used was some expired Kodak Gold (200 speed, if I remember). I love the colors, and I love the grain (especially in the last picture of my dad).

The film has a very “retro” sort of look to it, which isn’t great for everything (I would want different results if I was shooting for a client), but I find it appealing in these pictures. This past week I shot two rolls of black and white Tmax 100, and I’m anxiously waiting to get the results back.



(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions



The previous images were some of the later pictures I took, the next two are from my first batch of photos I took with the camera. Later on I’ll do a write up on the camera I used (which has somewhat of an interesting history).


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions



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