5-11 through 5-14-2015

I’ll own up to it: I did not take any actual still pictures on Monday, but I did work with a client during a video shoot, so I’m going to cheat and include a frame from that video shoot as my picture for Monday. After all, a video is just 24 pictures a second, right?


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

Also, Tuesday. I reached the end of the day, realized I had not takena picture yet and simply snapped one. Finals at school will wear you out, and I wasn’t about to go hunting around the night before I had my Hebrew language final to get a picture. So, all of that being the case, I present you with one of the worst photos I’ve ever taken probably the worst photo I’ve ever taken: Piggachu. This piggybank was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend (now wife) a few years ago.


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

Now, even bigger confession, the next two photos were not taken on their respective days. They are actually photos I had left over from previous days. With finals this week I just didn’t have the time or energy to go out and get new photos. My apologies. I’m a cheater, I guess.

This next picture is an old roll of film my great uncle had in his camera bag (which I now own). I tried to get it developed, but my local lab can’t process this type of film, so I’ll need to find something online.

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

I took this photo last week, but it is going to be my photo for 5-14-2015 instead. Finals are killer.

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


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