5-15-15 through 5-18-15

Here are my photographs from this past Friday through Monday. Tuesday will be in the update at the end of this week (probably Saturday?).

Anyway, Friday was graduation and my wife and I had to go to Walmart. I needed a picture that day so I took my camera and did some “street photography” inside Walmart. I snapped this picture of produce while we were there. I love the colors and the depth of field in this one, so I chose it as that day’s photograph.


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

Saturday we went to Springdale, Arkansas to visit my parents, and while we were up there I decided to do some street photography. I can’t remember where this photo was taken, but I love the noir vibe in the image. The man was actually smoking a cigarette, and I took a picture where it was visible, but liked this image better over all.


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

On Sunday we went to the Crystal Bridges Art Museum and I snapped a bunch of pictures (in the next week or so I’ll do an entire post devoted to just the Art Museum), but this was my favorite for the day. Overall I probably enjoyed taking pictures of the statues more than anything else.

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

(c) 2015 300 Media Productions

Finally on Monday we were driving around with my dad and I snapped this picture out of the passenger window in the sideview mirror. It’s not the sharpest picture I’ve ever taken, but I like the framing and angle, so I decided to run with it. This isn’t always about posting the best picture but just posting my favorite picture from any given day.


(c) 2015 300 Media Productions


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