35mm Kodak Gold: Odds’n Ends

I found a roll of 35mm Kodak Gold sitting on my desk last week. It had been exposed but never developed, so I took it to the local camera shop (Bedford Camera and Video in Little Rock, AR) on the same day I dropped off the roll of 120 film I posted yesterday. Overall this roll wasn’t super, but there were some neat pictures on it worth sharing.

These first two photos were taken at the mall in Little Rock. The first one was (I’m assuming) the first picture on the roll judging by the over exposure on the left of the frame, but I think it looks need and saw no reason to crop it.

C010904-R1-00-1A C010904-R1-01-2A

This next photo is at the mall’s food court and might be the best “street photography” picture I’ve taken. I love this one.


Next is a photo from a church concert I attended back in May (that should tell you how long this roll of film sat on my desk). The picture isn’t great, but I like how the exposure draws attention to her. It needs a contrast adjustment, but today I feel like uploading the photos as shot.


Finally a photography of my lovely wife!C010904-R1-19-21A


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