Photography with Film: 120 Film

I recently bought a Yashica 635, an old Japanese medium-format film camera, and took some pictures with it. In the next week or so I’ll try to do a post on the Yashica and the 35mm camera that I use, but today I’m going to share the first roll of 120 film that I’ve ever run through a camera.

The film was Tmax 100.

C917271-R1-00-1 C917271-R1-01-2 C917271-R1-02-3
C917271-R1-04-5 C917271-R1-05-6 C917271-R1-06-7 C917271-R1-07-8 C917271-R1-08-9 C917271-R1-09-10 C917271-R1-11-12

The way the lens renders the out of focus portions of the frame is breathtaking (see the photo of the potted plant or the close up of the leaves).

One thing I will say about the Yashica is that it is easy to do a double exposure by accident, but I’m actually rather intrigued with the results, especially in the second one.


C917271-R1-03-4The way the trees blend into the clouds in the above photo are fascinating to me, and it was completely by accident. Very interesting indeed.


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