35mm: Lake Dardanelle and Other

A few weeks back my wife and I went to the lake to hang out with her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. I took lots of pictures (some on another roll that I may upload later), the other half of the roll is pictures I snapped yesterday before I dropped the roll off to be developed.

The film was Kodak Portra 160. This is the first time I’ve ever shot this stock. I like the vibrant colors, but I miss the grain and noise that Kodak Gold 200 offers. Yeah, Gold is cheap film, but the grain is just an element that I like. This film, unlike Gold 200, is very clean looking and in most instances offers little-to-no grain.

Also, these pictures are unedited, straight from the developer. I’ve not even cropped them to adjust for crookedness.

C013717-R1-01-1A C013717-R1-13-14A C013717-R1-10-11A C013717-R1-09-10A

I love this next picture of my wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law
C013717-R1-08-8A C013717-R1-07-7A C013717-R1-05-5A And here is the rest of the roll, which was not shot at the lake.C013717-R1-31-33A C013717-R1-30-32A C013717-R1-29-31A C013717-R1-28-30A C013717-R1-23-25A C013717-R1-21-23A


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