Tmax 100 Stuffs

It’s been awhile since I’ve run any film through my 35mm camera, so I grabbed a roll of tmax 100 which I had laying around, popped it into my Mamiya 1000 dtl, and took some pictures. Hope you guys enjoy.

C014211-R1-05-6 ver2

I’m kind of bummed about this one. I saw this tree sitting on that hill, the lighting was perfect, and so I stopped to take the picture. Unfortunately I was in just enough of a rush that I missed the focus slightly. I threw a vignette on it in photoshop and decided to post it anyway.


C014211-R1-08-9 ver2C014211-R1-09-10 ver2

Minimalism is interesting to me, thus this picture of the bird in an otherwise empty sky. I’m rather pleased with it.


C014211-R1-10-11 ver2C014211-R1-11-12 ver2

The angled lines are very interesting (triangles are very powerful composition tools) and even though the photo isn’t of anything in particular, it’s still a rather striking photo.


C014211-R1-19-20 ver2


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