Colorado – 2017 – Pt. 2

This roll of film had been in my camera for awhile, so it was actually the first roll I shot on our Colorado vacation. I had actually forgotten it was in the camera, so I was surprised to find it in there when I got ready to load the camera. It already had a few pictures on it (I’ve included one at the very end just for fun), but I was able to get a few more before the roll ran out. Unfortunately there appears to have either been a bad spot on the film (it happens sometimes), or that the film was messed up during processing at the lab (I think this one is more likely).

Camera. Yashica 635

Film. Kodak Portra 400 Color Negative Film (120 roll film, iso 400)


To finish everything off, here’s a picture of a cow that I took before we went to Colorado. It’s one of my favorite cow pictures ever, I think.



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