3MP Logo PNG300 Media Productions is an independent film production team made up of a fluctuating group of about seven or so. The business is owned via a partnership by Christy Bacon and her father-in-law James Bacon, with Andrew Kyle Bacon being the “artist” of the bunch and the chief operator. 3MP is a family business and will remain a family business.

3MP does video and photography work for just about anyone: comedians, bands, musicians, churches, businesses — for the most part if you can think of it, we can film it.


I am a director, photographer, cinematographer, and writer who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. My interests revolve mostly around film and bluegrass music. Akira Kurosawa, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, and Francois Truffaut are my favorite directors. My ten favorite films fluctuates frequently, so attempting to write it down is useless.

I write about my love of film and filmmaking over at my other WordPress blog, TheProjectionBooth.

My style of filmmaking can be described as both classically minded and experimental. My photography is decidedly conservative, but my editing is rough and to the point. Never afraid to tackle any type of film, I’ve directed everything from crime drama, dark comedy, western, and even science-fiction. I’ve also gained attention at festivals for the music videos I’ve directed for various musicians.

But at heart I’m always going to be the ten year old boy who saw Star Wars for the first time and said “I want to do that!” There is something mystical about having an idea, solidifying it, and putting it on a screen to share with an audience.


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